About Me - Renske Werner
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Renske Werner

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I am an author of young adult books, magazine articles on design and travel and non-fiction lifestyle books. I also like to draw. Follow me on Instagram to see my illustrations, sketchbook drawings and original quotes/doodles.

After 22 years in my native Holland, I moved to Vancouver. I came for an adventure and stayed for love – which might not be a coincidence if you take into account my weak spot for a good romance story.

I have morphed into a funny mix of Dutch and Canadian. I’ve started to patiently wait my turn and I ask people I don’t know if they’re having a good day. But I still think Canadian cheese is practically inedible and I wear high heels while cycling if I want to. I love good coffee, a good story, European & local design and the natural beauty of Vancouver. I am a mother of three and life is pretty good.


Stories are in everything. You just need someone to write them down.

For writing magazine articles, my strength lies in being a good interviewer. I usually get a good sense of what the core of the story is by listening well. I can produce a text fast. I often work under deadlines and I am used to being thorough within a short time span. I excel in writing about interior design, travel, food and lifestyle.

Drawing is meditation


Drawing allows me to live life with a mind that is a little more alert and eyes that are a little more open, because drawing is all about getting inspired. My inspiration is things my kids say, a childhood memory, my Instagram feed, a novel or a song. It feels very good to capture that bit of inspiration on paper before it flutters away.

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